Sometimes everything about a song is simply perfect but then the music video will get released and it will lessen the impact the original single has. That’s not the case however with Jerry Jean’s 2017 single Reverie where the music video actually enhances the experience whilst telling a story that will have you reaching for the tissues.

 “With Jerry Jean’s ‘Reverie,’ I wanted to create something naturalistic and authentic to the topic of love and time,” Angela Chen, the director of this video, explains. “The video revolves around the ‘what ifs’ between young adulthood and an older adulthood – the time when we’re in the midst of our professions and tiptoeing between crisis and comfort. At a certain point we may begin to look back on our lives and wonder if we had let ‘the one’ go. The characters explore this as they’re in transit and fluctuate between a dreamlike past and present against a backdrop of sublime nature. I strived to express the feelings of being trapped and wanting to flee to transitioning to a place where breath and connection offer a sense of freedom and love.”

The song itself is beautifully cinematic whilst having this air of old school RnB and even sound reminiscent of Bon Iver during his first album with Jean’s vocal having this mesmerising quality about it. Then you’ve got the video that enhances the emotional deliverance of this track ten fold. Every word now hits you with a freight train of emotion as you watch the loving story unfold in-front of your eyes. Combine them together and it’s something rather special.

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