Eli Moon – Phases

Honestly one of my favourite artists coming out of the UK right now is Eli Moon, the man is simply incapable of producing a bad song because every track he releases is pure fire, he doesn’t miss a beat and each song is just as enthralling, even more so sometimes, than the last. He thrives within this industry with poetic lyricisms, a passionate vocal performance that is the definition of euphony and a classic rockstar attitude that is all expressed perfectly in his latest release Phases, which he discusses further below:

Phases is a song about change. Whilst a lot of people seek comfort in life…if I stop for too long and become too comfortable I very quickly start to lose my mind! I wrote this song at a time where I needed something new. Life felt like a never ending cycle of the same activities, same people and I just needed to escape. In the song I deal with the existential crisis that I often find myself in, where I begin to question everyone and everything around me. ‘Why am I here?’ ‘Why am I doing this?’ ‘Is there meaning to any of this?’ I suppose the biggest question is ‘what if it never changes?” And that’s how the song arose. My biggest fear is being stuck in a situation where I have no power to affect it. It’s not a quiet feeling, it’s not a creeper…I wake up one day and there it is; the gut wrenching need to scrap everything and start all over. I suppose life does happen in phases, which is why it’s important to understand that no situation lasts forever, and there is never a situation where you have no power to affect it, but I wanted to capture this emotion in a song, so that I have it forever and can always use it in times where I need to be reminded of this.”

The star of the track is undeniably Eli Moon’s evocative vocal performance as he manages to convey so much through his impassioned style which makes the poignant lyricisms feel all the more raw and real in away that is unmatched within this genre. The production propels the track forward with 80’s influenced synth melodies mixing buoyant beats that are reminiscent of Daft Punk to create a musky affair that draws you in and refuses to let you go. This is what music is all about and I have a feeling Eli Moon is going to impress us later on in 2020.

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