Jaye Locke x Tiger Darrow x Que Parks – Don’t Pick Up The Phone

I won’t lie when I say I’m a sucker for large scale collaborations where you get to see multiple artists on one track and they all add their own individual twist to the sound to create something unlike anything that they’ve ever produced before. It’s hard not to love it and that’s why I’m loving the recent Jaye Locke, Tiger Darrow and Que Parks collaboration with each of them adding their own little something to the sonic soundscape of the track, be it a slick flow, gorgeous ethereal vocals or compelling melodic hooks, they all make Don’t Pick Up The Phone a banger.

The charismatic distorted beats of the production allow this to be a track you can play over and over again with Darrow’s delicate vocals floating over them all beautifully before Parks comes in with a rap break that is just the cherry on top of the whole piece. It’s an intricate alternative pop track that is hard not to fall head over heels for and the more I listen to it the more subtle nuances I find in the production that has me falling for track all over again. Give it a listen below and experience it for yourself.

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