Joe Saan – WAIT FOR ME

With every new track he comes out with the Puerto Rican and Filipino artist Joe Saan continues to astound with his lusciously smooth brand of R&B and he just has this way of inviting you into his world and making you feel warmly welcomed with the celestial tones of his voice. His track KNOW ME has been one of my favourite R&B tracks of 2020 but his latest scintillatingly luscious track WAIT FOR ME has exceeded my expectation and become my new favourite track of his.

It’s velvety smooth track with enticing lyricisms and a production that fuses an old school jazz piano with modern R&B beats, creating a soundscape that is hard to ignore and not fall head over heels in love with. The highlight of his music though will always be the sensual tones of his vocal as they gently glide through the production with such ease that they slowly begin to send shivers down my spine. Joe Saan is one of the best new R&B artists out there and we have no doubt he has more stellar releases to come this year.

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