Mokita – Til I Don’t


Over the years Mokita has been producing some acclaimed piece of pop music that have people labelling him as one of the most exciting pop acts around right now. With Disney already supporting him on past tracks and him collaborating with heavy hitters R3HAB it looks as though he’s living the dream right now.

We got to chat to Mokita about his early days in music, dream collaborations, live shows and even who he sees as the future of music. Check out our interview with him below.


You originally started out your musical journey as a classically train pianist. What was it that eventually lead you to creating music that is so different to your beginnings?

I think that there’s a lot of music that I was playing when I was growing up that influenced The kind of music that Im making now. I’ve always been obsessed with Melody and I think that people like Beethoven really concentrate on Melody and structure and that’s really helped me with my songwriting in music production in the music I’m making currently.

Throughout you whole journey as an artist what has been the biggest thing that you’ve taken away from it all?

The thing that I try to concentrate on is the fact that I’m doing what I love for a living. It can be so easy to forget that you’re living your dream so it’s something I have to remind myself of every single day. I feel so blessed to be doing what I love.

You’ve collaborated with a lot of artists over the years such as Kaptan, Maty Noyes and R3HAB to name a few but who would you say is your dream collaboration?

Dream collaboration would probably be John Mayer. I’ve always looked up to him as a songwriter and a lyricist so that would be something that would obviously be a huge dream of mine .

Lyrically you always remain so open, honest and personal, what is it about these type of lyrics that you enjoy writing? 

I think it’s the only way I know how to write. I think growing up the lyrics that were the most honest and relatable were the ones that I always drawn to.


Your new song Till I Don’t is coming out soon, what do you want people to take away from this track and what was the inspiration behind the track?

Yeah the new song is pretty self-explanatory, I think it’s just this moment of being OK with the fact that you don’t have to move on at the same pace as someone else. It’s OK to take your time moving on or to still miss somebody. I think a lot of time we beat ourselves up for how we feel but those feelings are totally normal.

Is there any advice you would give to an artist who is just starting out in the music industry?

The main thing that I would tell somebody is to make sure that you’re in it for the right reasons. You have to really love it, because it’s really hard to be successful in this industry. So if you’re just in it for the money or the fame I think you’ll fall out really quickly and end up being miserable .

Over the years you’ve done a lot of gigs but what would your ideal show be? How would it start? Who would you bring on stage? Where would it be?

My favorite type of shows are the shows that mix production value with honesty and realness. I think having a good balance of big production and big tracks along with some stripped down more intimate moments are what make a really good show. I would love to bring out John Mayer and Ed Sheeran and all those people who have influenced the way I create music.

Finally, who are the artists on your radar? Who’re you counting in?

To be honest I haven’t really followed a lot of the newer artists and a lot of the newer songs coming out. I still listen to a lot of  old stuff like Fleetwood Mac and Def Leppard and Van Halen and all  the early John Mayer stuff. Listening to all the old stuff that excited me growing up really inspires me to make music .

Check out Mokita’s latest single Til I Don’t right now. You won’t regret it!