Nessa Barrett – Pain


Tik Tok has quickly become one of the biggest taste-making platforms for the music industry with hundreds of new artists emerging from the app with stellar pieces of music that might’ve gone unnoticed if it wasn’t for the platform’s influence. Nessa Barrett is one of those musician’s with the Puerto Rican-American garnering a 10 million strong following on the app, allowing her to move to L.A and begin her musical journey with her debut track Pain being written, arranged and performed by the artist herself and being released by Warner Records.

It’s an emotionally intimate track featuring a sparse production that makes the heartfelt pain of the lyrics hit closer to home with her passionate vocal delivery only enhancing this further. The track pulls back the curtain on her social media persona as she lays her soul bare for us all to witness as she sings about her own inner turmoil, heartbreak and growth she’s experience from coming out into the limelight. It’s an elegant debut that showcases what this young artist is capable of doing and I have no doubt her name, like many Tik Tok musicians, will begin popping up more and more over the coming months.

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