Amy Allen – Difficult


When you’ve got a team around you like Jon Bellion, Monsters & Strangerz and Ethan Gruska to co-write and produce a song with you then you know that you’re doing something incredibly right. That definitely seems to be the case with the timeless artist Amy Allen who recently released her debut song Queen of Silver Linings after spending years writing songs for other artists like Harry Styles, Halsey and Selena Gomez, but today she’s continuing her climb to the top as she released her empowering sophomore single Difficult.

As a woman, I’m often referred to as Difficult,” Amy Allen begins to explain. Difficult for advocating for myself. Difficult for wearing my ambition on my sleeve. Difficult for prioritising my dreams. Every woman I know has had this term weaponised against her. I wrote Difficult after I realised this word, which I used to take as an insult, is actually something I own. I’m proud to be Difficult and want to reclaim the word.

Her sound is timeless as she expresses such raw emotion through her vocal and candid storytelling through her evocative lyricisms that truly come to life in this track. This isn’t just your usual track, this is a statement of intent, this is a manifesto for what Allen’s music is capable of doing with her music. She won’t surrender, she won’t settle for anything less that outstanding and honestly she is a role model for all female musicians who’s been labeled difficult in the past and an example of what being difficult can lead to. Another home run for this stellar musician.

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