kmoe – all the time ft. polearm

If you’ve been paying attention to the underground electronic pop scene, kmoe is definitely a name that you have come across. I happened to discover kmoe a couple months ago when I first heard peroxide and have been a fan ever since due to his clean production and unique vocal style.

With his new track all the time featuring artist polearm, kmoe combines incredibly smooth production with polearm’s catchy vocals and lyricism. The track gives off a hyperpop-ish vibe, and this genre of music is very “in” at the moment. With tracks like this, it usually takes me a couple of listens before I am really into the song, but this was not the case for all the time. The first time I listened to this, I knew it was going to be a hit.

Already making waves at the age of 16, kmoe is definitely an artist that you will want to keep your eye on going forward.

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