Dreamer Boy – Know You


When you hear Nashville based you often think it’s going to be country music but that’s not the case with Dreamer Boy, the music project of Zach Taylor, who’s impressive brand of bedroom pop has allowed him to grow a larger fanbase on a global scale and it’s easy to see why. His music manages to capture the whole spectrum of human emotion through his enticing melodies, tender vocal tone and earnest lyrics, creating a swirling pool of heartfelt emotion and beauty.

Know You is a track that showcases all of this whilst simultaneously feeling like it should be in a modern day coming of age movie and with the piece focusing on the joys of being understood and the new friendships we make along the way it makes the argument for that case even more valid. One of those songs you can play and reminisce about old times with friends all whilst making new memories together and when you combine that with the home videotape style of the music video then you’ve got something that’s just as gorgeous aesthetically as it is sonically.

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