Chances are you’ve heard Claire Ridgely in the past because the Montreal based artist originally started out by working as a featured artists for years, collaborating with the likes of Robotaki, Embody and Hazey Eyes to name only a few. However as of late she’s been turning heads thanks to her solo career and brand of melodic pop with her latest offering Busy Body being a prime example of why she’s one of Canada’s most exciting new artists.

There’s a minimalistic production style that focuses on using spacious beats to allow Ridgely’s vocals to truly shine with every note offering pure euphony over the sparse production style. The lyrics are smart in their delivery with the hook, “How do you breathe when you lie to me,” offering the majority of the emotional weight of the track whilst easily getting stuck in your head too. Add in some intoxicatingly good melodies and you’ve got a grand piece of melodic pop that makes me excited for what Claire Ridgely has to offer in 2020.

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