Sydney Eggleston has a timeless voice that just transports me back to the days of Motown in an instant. It helps even more when each word she sings carries so much emotional weight with every note she delivers oozing nothing but passion and evocative emotion that allows you to instantly connect with her captivating music. If you need proof of any of this then you just need to listen to her latest powerfully poignant single What Makes You Think.

Lyrically this piece is pure poetry about how people always assume they’re worse off that the people around them with every word calculated and delivered perfectly with this intimate feeling being ever present so it almost feels like Eggleston is giving you this message personally. The production has a The Greatest Showman feel about it with the dynamic choir backing her up during the chorus mixed with the uplifting yet highly emotive strings and drum beats alongside it. Then you’ve got her voice which ties this whole piece together and will leave you just speechless.

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