Most people when sharing a new musician will say there’s no one like them in the world and I can confidently say that their truly is nobody like the virtual pop-star Dad, real name Kei Wells. She might be animated but Dad is one of the more real artists out there with her story of how she got into music focusing on how her ex-boyfriend broke her heart, left her broke and overwhelmed and her main worry was if she left her copy of Link’s Awakening in her ex’s Switch. She’s the relatable pop-star we all need.

Her debut Alligator captured the imagination of fans worldwide with her brand of fuzzy styled bedroom pop with quite honest lyrics making an instant impact and draw you into the animated world of her’s. Smash Bros, her follow up single, is about the escapism we all yearn to have and luckily for Dad her’s is in the classic Nintendo game with her enticing melodies and honest lyrics offering more of an insight into the beautiful work she has effortlessly created.

This artists looks set to follow in the footsteps of artists like The Gorillaz and Miquela and become the next big virtual star with her laidback bedroom pop capturing the hearts of many across the globe.


  1. Yes! So excited to hear more from Dad. When I first heard “Alligator” I was immediately taken by the warmth and sincerity that came through her music. I can’t wait to hear how her sound continues to develop! ❤️❤️❤️

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