trdml – STUNNER

Fun and stupidly brilliant. That is trdml’s sound in a nutshell because they walk such a fine line between pushing the boundaries so far that they’d end up falling face first off of a cliff and not pushing far enough so their sound never has that final punch that leaves you reeling and begging for more. It’s best described as the Beastie Boys being brought into the modern era with their experimental style that voids the need for genre labels before adding in the exuberance of Run D.M.C’s performance style and flow. It just takes one listen to STUNNER to understand this message because this could easily be a WWE wrestlers walkout music whilst simultaneously being something that would soundtrack a frap boys night out where shots would be going back like it was going out of fashion. Honestly, I love everything about it for that reason. It’s got this over the top sensibility about it but manages to be restrained enough that it doesn’t venture off into a camp 90’s territory and that’s what’s so addicting about it. The hook, the flow of the rapping, the beat, the sound in general, all of it collides together in a vibrant explosion that you can’t look away from and soon find yourself fascinated by it from start to finish.

Whilst rap finds a place in every single one of their tracks, it’s the fact that the soundscape varies to such a degree that makes them so interesting. You place their songs side by side and you’d be convinced each one was by a different artist. It’ll be hard to find a trio quite like this one, it might be damn near impossible.

Must Read