Onlyfriend – buckshot boy

Last year we stumbled across Onlyfriend’s outstanding single get rekt and since then we’ve seen him go from strength to strength. With each release we’ve seen him grow, starting off as a mere seed before blossoming into an outstanding artist who’s talent is simply immeasurable. Honestly the reason his pumpkin head is so big in his artwork is because he needs something to contain all the raw talent he has, just look at buckshot boy as an example of this. Unleashing his angst through an emotionally charged hyper pop single with a punk rock edge, think glaive meets Olivia Rodrigo’s Good For You, that provides an almighty punch that is on par with Deontay Wilder’s. He doesn’t hold anything back as he belts out his lyrics as if he was screaming them at the person who caused him this devastating amount of pain, especially when we arrive in the screamo like chorus which you’ll want to scream at the top of your lungs in your room. Seriously thought emotionally angst driven lyrics are something else and show how far his songwriting ability has grown since we last covered him. He’s got the makings of greatness if he continues along this path and, honestly, I can’t see him deviating with the momentum he’s got.

Blast this out at full volume after a stressful day at work, drama filled day school or after an argument with your friends and let the screamo induced catharsis flow through you. As Halloween approaches and pumpkin season drifts upon us, be sure to hail our pumpkin overload and his outstanding music that will, undoubtably, be something we won’t be able to get away from in the near future.

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