On someone’s birthday it is usually tradition that they get given a gift, yet here we are today on Holiday Sidewinder’s birthday where she has given us the gift of a brand new track called Whispers. What more could you ask for?

Everything about this track just screams 80’s, with the shimmer synths that have an air of Cyndi Lauper about them, a euphoric quality within the production that makes you feel as if you’re flying and vocals that feel like they’re straight out of the era. The track is about love and how when your partner is away all you can really do is think about them and this is expressed perfectly in this lyrics, “Even if they tell me that I’m never gonna see you again / Only gonna make me listen harder to your voice on the wind.”

Whether it be dancing alone in your room, jamming on the way to work, making breakfast or even just sitting at home thinking about your lover, when listening to Holiday Sidewinder you’ll always feel like you’re the star of a John Hughes movie.

“Dance alone in your bedrooms, wear headphones and wistfully gaze out windows, play it on a boom box Say Anything styles and wherever you are, wherever they are, reach out and touch them; if love’s eternal ethereal presence exists in your imagination and your heart, then so too, it exists in reality.” – Holiday Sidewinder

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