We only recently discovered Love, Abbey earlier this year when she dropped Slow Love, an absolute gem of a pop track with warm beats and an addictive hook that had us singing L-O-V-E out loud for days to come. It was a sublime follow up to her 2016 EP Lost at Sea and gave the world a taste of what this budding pop star was capable of.

Soon after she released a new indie pop anthem that saw her music take a more ominous, dark and somewhat sinister turn with the lyrics and it’s production. Makes sense considering it’s called Winter Air. One of the highlights of the track is the piano, throughout we’re treated to it shifting between strikingly low piano chords and glorious upper key melodies but the true star of the show is the tantalising vocal of Love, Abbey. Her tone is instantly recognisable and her voice is able to be confident whilst also be vulnerable and is the glue that holds this track together.

The music video recently came out and fully embraces the songs infectious melodies, darker elements and empowering nature. Love, Abbey shows off the charisma and stage presence she possesses throughout the video with her holding this ominous stare throughout the chorus along with her being able to always remain the centre of attention no matter what else is going on around her.

On top of all that she plays all of the instruments in each one of her songs. Simply outstanding! Fall in love with Love, Abbey, you won’t regret it.

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