LA based artist ANNALIA specialises in creating songs that juxtapose themselves. Each one of her tracks has a certain level of surprise to them and it was definitely the case with Cycles that she released back in October. Whilst the production had an uplifting, catchy and almost euphoric feel to it the lyrics actually delved into a darker subject, creating a stark contrast.

The track focuses on the aftermath of an emotionally abusive that ANNALIA experienced that destroyed her self confidence and sanity. One of the most poignant lyrics from Cycles comes in the chorus with ANNALIA’s emotionally charged vocal singing, “Then it’s a spiral / Cause if I forgive you / I don’t think I’d ever move on.” It’s got a profound nature to it that a lot of people who’ve gone through a similar experience to ANNALIA and is apart of the track I feel people will find comfort in too. Knowing that they weren’t the only people who felt something like this in the past.

She recently released the 1950’s Hollywood styled music video and it enhances the meaning behind the song even further. With flashbacks giving an honest portrayal of the highs and lows of the relationship along with the aftermath of her hating what she’s done before fast forwarding to the freedom she feels as she dances with a bottle of wine in hand.

The candid depiction of every part of this story along with the genuine lyrics makes this something that is sure to strike a chord with her audience.

“It’s about figuring out how to navigate life after somebody has caused complete chaos in yours. It’s about accepting what happened and feeling all of the emotions that follow— the hurt, the confusion, the anger, the loss, the grief, the freedom, the joy. It’s about bouncing back and forth between each of these emotions. It’s about the panic attacks, the “on top of the world” moments, the 30 seconds of tears that somehow slip out, and the process of re-wiring your own thoughts in the aftermath.” – ANNALIA

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