Back in September Brigetta, of the band Truitt, reintroduced herself to the world as a solo artist debut single Tic Tac Toe. The minimalistic yet uplifting pop jam quickly wriggled it’s way into the hearts of music fans and her unique pop sound soon became a staple of her evolution. Now a few months later she’s come out with her sophomore track and, unsurprisingly, it is sublime.

Sick deals with something that almost everyone has experienced at one time or another, heartbreak. However this isn’t any ordinary heartbreak, this is one where you’re left feeling physically ill by just thinking about the person or, in Brigetta’s words, “oh my stomach hurts / Seeing pictures of you only makes it worse.” It’s a pain that you’d do anything to find an antidote to and her tender vocal channeling that heartache and pain perfectly.

The production of the track is glorious with a tantalising array of warm synths contrasting the emotional vocal to make sure the track isn’t a dark affair. The lyrics tap into the agony of a break up and how you often torment yourself by reminiscing about the good times you spent together but, “I’m too scared to say it / Say it, say it out loud / There’s a million different reasons / That i’m missing you now,” is the most poignant of them all. The hook is something I can see thousands of people singing out loud as they think back to their old partners as a way of healing and honestly that’s all you could ever want from a good break up song.

This is the most vulnerable track that Brigetta has released as both a solo artist and as a part of a band. It has charm, it has angelic vocals, it has relatable lyrics and has that ability to help you recover from a break up of this magnitude. The stars are aligning and it looks like 2019 will be Brigetta’s year.

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