With every single release Sarah Close is proving herself to be a pop star in the making. Already this year this budding pop icon has dropped two bangers that wouldn’t look out of place at the top of the charts. First we had the infectious pop anthem You Say about an ex partner of Close’s and this was soon followed up by Crazy Kind which she wrote after a spontaneous trip to Barcelona.

Now however Close is trying her hand at Christmas music with her latest offering and it can only really be described as magically festive. This Christmas starts of with a magical piano melody that immediately puts you into the festive mood which the lyrics delivering a story of love during the holidays filled with little things we fantasise of doing with our partners in this festive season. All of this is perfectly paired with the gorgeous vocal of Close who manages to capture both the tender loving moments surrounding holidays as well as those big moments we all hold dear all within her vocal.

Christmas might not be for a few more days but Sarah Close has given us the perfect gift with a ribbon on top. Get in the festive mood with this song.

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