Have you ever sat and wondered to yourself what would Madonna’s music of sounded like in the 1980’s if she had her heart broken? Probably not, but it’s that very thought that inspired the Swedish pop duo Isle Of You to write their 80’s tinged sad party anthem Change Of Heart.

Ladened with retro synths giving us flashbacks to The Breakfast Club, youthful vocals capturing a bitter happiness and a luscious melody that comes alive in the chorus that all come together to create a track about missing someone so much you’d do anything to relive the good times.┬áThere’s a reason these girls are called the Thelma and Louise of the pop world because when they sing in unison it’s almost as if they’re giving an ‘Us Against The World’ type of attitude with their romantic idealism of love.

Having already had support from Sia, regular rotation on Swedish radio and a festival performances too. These girls have captured the imagination of the music industry and continue to excite their fans across the globe. Sweden is the country of outstanding pop music and Isle of You certainly fit that mould.

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