In life we all have personal battles that we face. These can make us feels horrible about ourselves, they can drag us through hell and back and sometimes, no matter what we try, we end up feeling like just not enough. No matter what these battles will effect us but what’s most important is how we don’t allow them to defeat us because we’re not alone, we’re in this together and that is exactly what Parisa’s debut track Let Me Go is all about.

One of the strongest elements of this track is the emotive vocal coming from Parisa, the track is incredibly personal and important for her and the vocal shows this perfectly. The build up to the chorus encapsulates this surge of emotion as she hits the higher notes that is magical. Lyrically it is stunning, anybody who’s suffered mental health problems such as anxiety can find relatable a honest lyrics discussing feelings that they’ve felt. A special shout out to the production from Paddy Byrne too because he did a simply sublime job creating a minimalistic yet emphatic atmosphere.

Parisa’s debut is a striking track with heartfelt lyrics that draw you into her world along with the intimate nature of the track and her delicate vocal that all come together to create a heart wrenching and magical experience.

“I hope this song speaks to you and gives anyone else out there suffering with these anxieties the encouragement and support to know that you are not alone and we are in this together.” – Parisa

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