One of the most underrated music scenes in the UK has to be the city of Nottingham’s. Year after year talented artists come out of that city with outstanding pieces of music but I don’t think we’ve seen a band as outstanding as As December Falls for quite some time. If you need any proof of how good they are just listen to their latest track.

On The Edge was written about how you don’t need to conform to something that you’re expected to be. It’s a subject a lot of people in and outside their audience will find relatable and the honest lyrics help add a sense of depth to the subject with ones offering advice, “Take it all in your stride / Living fast through the night,” and others approaching the frustration you’d feel from these constant comments about what you should do, “I do what I want, I like what I like / ‘Cause only I can fight my own fight.” Along with that it has a brilliant melody, a chorus you can belt out in your bedroom whilst dancing around with your hairbrush in hand and an insanely good guitar solo that arrives at just the right moment.

With a strong message about expressing individuality and a high energy production it looks as if As December Falls are On The Edge of a stellar 2019.

“I wanted to say that it’s okay to be crazy. It’s okay to not be happy. It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to get angry and not look perfect all the time. It’s okay to be you.” – Bethany Curtis, front woman of As December Falls.

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