There are moments when you’re listening to a song and you can’t help but think back to a moment in a film you know and love. Everything about the song seems to fit perfectly with that moment and if ever there was a remake of the film in the future this would be the song for that moment. We definitely had that feeling with LAVE’s latest track Olympia which made us think back to the tunnel song in The Perks Of Being A Wallflower.

This track has that naivety of young love flowing through it with the track focusing on that idea of love at first sight, perfectly expressed with the lyric, “I’m on solid ground / I’m falling for someone that I don’t know.” Olympia is a chilled out, youthful anthem that is expressed through the luscious guitar melody that creates a sense of euphoria followed up by the soothing vocals of LAVE that capture the optimism and doe eyedness that young love possesses. It’s the perfect song to listen to when you’re on a long journey with the wind blowing in your hair reminiscing of lovers past.

LAVE manages to capture the youthful energy that comes with being in love and applies it to a song that has us looking back fondly on the memories we’ve created with lovers gone and lost.

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