Music is a universal language, through it we’re able to connect with people that we’ve never met before and understand their fears, dreams, beliefs and, most important of all their story.  It’s all about sharing a message that people can relate to and Canadian soul singer songwriter Emily Brimlow lives and breathes by this through creating a catalogue of music that goes through a full range of human emotions.

Her latest track Hope is simply magical with Brimlow’s beautifully soulful vocal leading the track with the gentle drum beats creating an intimate atmosphere that almost feels as if she is personally confessing her hopes to you. There is an unbridled sense of joy in this track, especially within the chorus where a choir of jubilant voices back Brimlow’s euphoria inducing vocal. The lyrics are incredibly poetic with them going through her own personal hopes for herself, the people around her and others who’re going through their own battles and one of our favourites has to be, “There is hope in every situation / In all this pain I’m facing / For every generation / There is hope.”

Towards to end of 2018 Emily Brimlow gave us the uplifting Calling Me Home and at the start of 2019 she has gifted us with an immaculate piece of music with a gorgeous record cover to match and it already looks like this could be a musical highlight of 2019.

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