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Strike a “Pose” with Naomi Smalls confidently fierce debut


If you’re looking for an incredibly addictive track that is perfect for any party playlist as well as the soundtrack to you and your friends fashion shows and trying on clothes montages then look no further. Naomi smalls has you completely covered with her addictively good track Pose.

The drag queen has come out swinging with her debut single giving us a 90’s house throwback that carries through to the music video which includes a retro VHS camera effect. The lusciously deep bass line beats just make you want to dance like nobody is watching, a killer hook that you will have you saying ‘pose’ whenever you can and a speaking vocal that is confident with it’s affirmations and adds a little something extra to the track. There’s even a gorgeous music video which is filled with stunning neon aesthetics, shots of Smalls striking fierce poses in multiple fashionable pieces of clothing and a few sexual moments as well.

Naomi Smalls has given us one of those rare empowering dance songs that will fill you with confidence and have you strutting around your house as if you were a model on the New York Fashion Week runway.

Connect with Naomi Smalls: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify


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