There are moments in life where you hear a song for the first time and you just know from the opening few seconds that you’re going to hear something special. It’s a rare occurrence but when it happens it feels like you’re soaring above the clouds where nothing can bring you down and that’s exactly what’s happened with You Tell Me’s latest single from their self titled debut album.

Everything about their latest single Foreign Parts feels timeless. With beautiful string flourishes, the beautiful vocal harmonies of Peter Brewis (Field Music) and Sarah Hayes (Admiral Fallow) come together in a snug union sending chills down your spine and the added sense of vocal theatrics that a reminiscent of Kate Bush, which makes sense considering the pair met at one of her concerts. The story this track tells is spellbinding with the layering of the soundscape creating a tender atmosphere evoking more emotion from the vocal with the lyrics enhancing this even further.

Timeless. Honestly it is the only way to describe You Tell Me’s latest track and if their debut album is even half as good as this track then we’re in for an outstanding piece of musical brilliance.

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