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The New Division releases the heartbreakingly beautiful music video for “Jealous”


Heartbreakingly beautiful. Los Angeles based musician The New Division (John Glenn Kunkel) has the ability to craft effortlessly stunning synth pop tracks that can lift you up so high that you have to look down to see the clouds whilst also being able to send a wave of sadness through you at the same time. It’s a feeling that not many artists have been able to capture the way he has.

He recently released the music video for Jealous, a fan favourite track off of his Fader EP and directed by Brad Bischoff, that has left us reaching for the tissues. The cinematic music video is breathtaking to behold, telling the story of a man falling apart during the aftermath of a relationship and how afterwards he feels incredibly isolated with him only escaping through alcohol and until something comes and changes he will forever be stuck in this limbo. The bright synths create a juxtaposition that allows the emotionally evoking lyrics to sync perfectly with he imagery of the music video.

The visual side of can often enhance the music experience and The New Division has understood this perfectly with a track and video working in perfect harmony with one another. This video is a must watch.

Connect with The New Division: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify


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