Do you ever just read an artists name and realise how insanely perfect that name is for them? It’s safe to say that the New York based artist I Am Snow Angel’s name is perfect for her because her music sends shivers down my spine whilst also filling me with a sense of childlike joy I feel every time I see she has new music out.

Her latest track I Love You is about being so in love with someone that you would do anything for them, your love for that person is unconditional in every way. The track features a minimal production that builds throughout with the calming strings layered with the ominous synths and the subtle guitar accents all coming together for a grand finale that sets the track alight. However the true star of the show is I Am Snow Angel’s ethereal vocal that adds a hauntingly beautiful edge to the track along with it making the track even more emotionally enthralling.

I Am Snow Angel has released a beautifully tragic track that touches the soul with her emotive lyrics and tear inducing vocal. She is set to release her album MOTHERSHIP on January 25th and we are fully prepared to have our tissues at the ready for what is set to be a beautiful album.

“I wrote and produced “I Love You” in a day or two. It basically arrived in one piece, a fully formed song, and I remember crying as I sang it for the first time. My production elements on this track are minimal —  a combination of synth, drone, and string sounds with subtle guitar accents. For me, “I Love You” feels like a bittersweet yet satisfying homecoming.” – I Am Snow Angel

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