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The second you read a song title like Left Alabama you immediately think you’re about to get a country song about somebody leaving the state with their lover to hit the open road. Boy were we surprised to hear it was a jazzed up soul/R&B track featuring the rich sultry vocals of Emily Chambers.

On top of the song featuring her already intoxicating vocals, a luscious yet laidback production, emotionally heartfelt lyrics and subtle nods to Chambers jazz roots, the track has a fascinating story as to how it was birthed into the world. She wrote the track as she was driving from New Orleans to Nashville for a national tour whilst her boyfriend was on another tour and she was alone for the first time, she took that moment and, in her words, “Manifested that exact moment; it was bad ass.” If that didn’t make you love the track even more then maybe the fact she previously trained by Canadian jazz singer Joani Taylor will make you appreciate her vocal more.

With Emily Chambers currently recording her debut album that is set to be released later this year it looks as if we’re going to get even more stunning music from her.

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