February 22nd is set to be a highlight in the musical calendar this year because American songstress Adia Victoria is releasing her sophomore album Silences. She’s already released one sensational gothic blues track, Dope Queen Blues, off the album that had us entranced from start to finish and today she’s released the follow up single, along with a music video, call Different Kind Of Love.

The video takes its aesthetics from 1960’s French TV that has me thinking back to The Shangri-Las Out In The Streets music video and if you didn’t tell us we’d honestly of guessed it was a 60’s song. The video even features French musician Madeleine Besson hosting at the start of the video! It was shot entirely in one take, a lot like those old shows would have been, and captures the relentless spirit of the repeated refrain-between the world and the artist.

The track itself is simply electric. With the main focus of the track being around the human condition surrounding love and the primal questions that come along with it. Victoria’s vocal is lusciously sleek with a fuzzy soundscape creating a beautiful juxtaposition that is a pleasure for the ears to behold. A stellar track with a video to match.

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