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Poetry in motion is the best way to describe Allie Crow Buckley’s ethereal new track “Cherry Stems”

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Hypnotising, beautiful, ethereal, haunting, these are all words that perfectly describe LA native Allie Crow Buckley’s captivating music. All of her tracks manage to capture this loneliness through the eloquently put lyrics and minimalistic production approach whilst also making you feel not alone because you know someone else is experience it as well. It’s a beautifully tragic irony.

She recently released Cherry Stems, the lead single off of her upcoming debut EP So Romantic, focuses on the idealistic nature of love and how we can all get lost in our romantic fantasies before the start of a relationship before the illusion soon fades. As one man once said, “When you look at someone through rose-coloured glasses, all the red flags just look like flags.” The lyrics elegantly capture the whimsical fantasies before reality comes crashing back in, honestly the lyrics are pure poetry and the sweeping production helps amplify these lyrics to whole new level.

Then you’ve got the music which we believe can only be described with Buckley’s own words, “The video depicts a girl (yours truly) whimsically dancing alone in a house surrounded by bunnies and satins, but completely alone in the fantasy—and frankly, a little deranged.” We couldn’t of put it better ourselves.

Genuinely there hasn’t been an artist as enthralling as Allie Crow Buckley for sometime. Her poetic lyrics, entrancing sound and honest vocal all come together to create something truly special and we cannot recommend her enough.

Connect with Allie Crow Buckley: Instagram | Spotify

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