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Unleash your inner warrior with Alaina Cross’ bewitching track “Backstabber (Who’s Laughing Now)”


When a brand new track starts off as explosive as Alaina Cross’ then you know you’re in for a real treat. It grabs you from start to finish and bewitches you with the heavy electric guitars mixed with the enticing beats creating a dark atmosphere along with a powerful vocal that DEMANDS to be heard. Then you have the lyrics that are incredibly empowering and just make you want to release your inner warrior, “There’s only one way it’s going down / Got an army I wear the crown.”

Backstabber (Who’s Laughing Now) has already been featured on the CMT TV show Music City and it’s not surprising considering the enticing melody is practically perfect for any dramatic moment in any TV show. The edgy production and ominous atmosphere this tracks creates are just a match made in heaven and we really need to see this featured in more teen dramas, where’s Vampire Diaries when you need it?

Alaina Cross has created a stellar track with a cinematic nature to it that can easily captivate you, even if you’ve only heard one note of it. Find your bravery and unleash your inner warrior with her today.

“When people listen to my music I want them to walk away with a new sense of bravery and strength. The motivation behind my lyrics and melodies is to be able to remind people they are stronger than they think.” – Alaina Cross

Connect with Alaina Cross: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify


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