Whenyoung are one of the most exciting bands around right now and with every release they’re proving to be a force to be reckoned with. With their well crafted pop anthems leaving their own personal mark on everyone who hears them, they’re the biggest thing to come out of Ireland’s superb music scene since Bono!

Never Let Go is a euphoric dream pop anthem that will lift your spirits from the moment you hear the electrifying chorus with the soaring vocals of Aoife Power soaring over the alluring guitar and the subdued drum beats below. The hook is simply superb and has us belting it out at the top of our lungs whilst dancing around our office without a care in the world. The uplifting production of this track just makes you want to smile and can turn a bad day to a good day with ease.

Then you’ve got the lyrics which are on another level. They’re some of the bands best with them being earnest and honest lyrics about mental health and how you can share your pain with others. This message is best said in the bridge with the lyrics, “Too many voices gotta have silence / You know you know the door is open / Too many choices you don’t have to hide it / You know not everything is broken,” being pure poetry.

Never Let Go is a track people can jump around and dance all day to but also one that people can find solace and comfort in, a perfect juxtaposition. There’s a reason Whenyoung were one of our Ones to Watch in 2019 and if this is only a taster of what’s to come then they’re going to have a superb year.

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