J.S. Ondara is old soul trapped in a young body with his lyrics and musical style feeling like they belong to someone well beyond his years. Originally though Ondara didn’t want to pursue music, it was only when he was introduced to Bob Dylan’s music that he decided to make music his full-time career, which makes sense considering lyrically he is like a modern day Bob Dylan.

For his debut album, Tales Of America, Ondara has chosen eleven songs to tell his own classic American tale of an immigrant seeking a new life and the determination they have to make their dream a reality. A story album is something that is rarely produced these days and his previous tracks American Dream and Lebanon have already demonstrated effortless story-telling and a wistful the production so we were very excited for his latest track.

Torch Song is an honest track with Ondara’s comforting vocal weaving you a lovelorn tale that entrances you until the very end. The acoustic guitar leads the track with subtle full band elements being placed carefully throughout the track as it builds along with the enchanting vocals of a choir being added towards the end too. The melancholy lyrics transport you to a new world in your mind with Ondara’s vocal being your narrator as you dive into the story.

I’m genuinely excited for what is to come with J.S. Ondara’s debut album. A classic storytelling album brought to life in the modern era that looks like it’s going to be something spectacular.

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