Dan D’Lion had one of the best debut singles of 2018 with Give What You Take, the first track he wrote where everything began to make sense and also introduced us to his sound. His fusion of luscious electronic synths along with a nu-funk beat and soulful vocals with a pop sensibility set him apart from the crowd and then you had the music video for this track that was a visual masterpiece.

He had a lot to live up to but he has shattered those expectations with style as Treading Water is a piece of alternative pop brilliance. Usually with an artist you mainly focus on the vocal but we have to say that the production of this track is out of this world with a textured soundscape sending shivers down our spines along with his goosebump inducing vocal. Combine all of that with the heart on your sleeve lyrics and a sense of vulnerability and you’ve got the perfect follow up to his debut.

An masterful producer, a magnificent vocalist and an imposing songwriter. Honestly it seems like there’s nothing Dan D’Lion cannot excel at musically.

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