There are a lot of things that we like about Tafi’s latest track Red Light. The artist, originally from Zimbabwe but now based in Kansas City, creates music that is different to a lot of new wave rappers with his take on the genre being more about crafting a melodic sound mixed with luscious beats that create a unique sound unlike any other.

The track takes on a minimalistic production with it being led by the gentle plucking of an acoustic guitar with a textured electronic soundscape providing more layers to the track giving it this unmistakeable charm. This track also showcases Tafi’s vocal chops with him hitting some incredible high notes toward the end of the track that sent chills down our spine. On top of all of that the artwork is also¬†gorgeous to look at and elegantly designed as well.

Red Light is a unique take on a genre that is really thriving right now and Tafi is certainly at the forefront of creating something special with his phenomenal music.

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