A lot of people believe that the artists they listen to do solely music, but a lot of people don’t realise how many artists have to work second and sometimes third jobs just to be able to afford rent. For artists it can be soul destroying to do something like that when you want to be creative but Cape Francis has managed to turn that dull day to day life and turn it into experiences he can write about.

Button Up is his latest track, also the opening song of his forthcoming album Deep Water, about his dream killing day job that will strike a nerve with many people with honestly intense lyrics depicting the dreary working days he experiences and dark thoughts that run through his mind with one of the most poignant lyrics being, “Wonder how all my dead dreams died.” They’re lyrics that are poetic in their meaning and heartbreaking in their delivery.

The production of this track is also outstanding. The ominous drum beats mixed with the enticing guitar creates an intimate atmosphere as well as a sense of darkness that fits with the soul-destroying nature of which he writes. The vocal is enthralling, every single bit of emotion that comes from Button Up you believe because of his charming yet endearing vocal. It’s the piece that holds everything in this track together.

Everything about Button Up is sheer perfection. The vocals, the lyrics, the production, everything just comes together to allow Cape Francis to shine like the star he is. Genuinely cannot wait for Deep Water to come out.

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