Prettyboyshav – 80’s

Honestly Prettyboyshav is the pop artist that we all need in the world right now with his nostalgic brand of modern pop music having this undeniable charm to it that just draws you in and soon has you experiencing a state of pure bliss. If I had to pin down his sound as anything it would be the soundtrack of an 80’s John Hughes movies mixed with the soundtrack of a modern coming of age tale that Netflix have released starring Noah Centineo. Need proof of this? Then just listen to his feel good single 80’s.

This is one of those dance anthems I know I’m going to be playing late at night in my bedroom (along with all of Prettyboyshav’s fans) singing into my hairbrush and dancing like no one is watching. The scintillating synths radiate positive energy with their infectious nature as his vocals laidback vocals soar over it all to create a warm inviting nature that is hard to not fall heavily in love with. This ones gonna be on heavy rotation for me for the next few weeks and I genuinely hope this is featured in a coming of age movie at some point, it’s just too good not to be in one.

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