Sola – Oh My Love


I listen to hundreds of new track every single day and it’s very rare that a song will make me freeze and become utterly enthralled by a piece of music, I experienced that today whilst listening to Sola who’s evocative music is some of the best that I have heard in a long time. Her vocal is the definition of euphony with this celestial tone that continually sends shivers down my spine, it’s like Nina Simone being brought into the modern era, it’s magnificent. Honestly her music is an experience in itself, you just feel like you’re in a whole new world as she sings. It’s quite magical.

Oh My Love is her latest single that left us floored with the poetic lyrics about being stuck in toxic relationship being delivered beautifully over a distorted production of electronics with a classic R&B twist that brings the whole piece together. With this track Sola has put herself in contention for song of the year in my eyes, everything about it is pure brilliance and I can’t see another artist leaving me this speechless for some time to come. Dive into her entire discography below, it’s more than worth it.

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