Qhairo – Goodnights and Goodbyes


Qhairo was an honest I happily stumbled across a week or so ago and ever since then I haven’t stopped listening to his music. He has this undeniable charm to his music that invites you to take his hand and let him take you into his world filled with smooth vocal riffs, a slick production and some fantastic lyricisms to top it all off. Now he’s continuing to get us hooked on his music with the release of his R&B slow jam Goodnights & Goodbyes, a sensual affair that will leave you feeling a bit hot and steamy under the collar.

The track is about the sub/dom relationships with Qhairo mentioning in the track how he always felt like he had to be in control until he relinquished his power in an intimate setting. He explores this through his playful yet still thoughtful lyrics delivered by his silky smooth vocal with a subtle sensual production to back it all up to create this mesmerising affair. The music video is the cherry on top with it exploring the concept behind the track further as he explains below:

The visualiser for Goodnights & Goodbyes is meant to capture the multiple feelings and perspectives felt within sub/dom relationships. Fear, power and confinement married with desire, hunger and curiosity. I did this visualiser with my friend David Hay. We wanted it to be simple frames so as to capture all of the emotions on one’s face when fully giving themselves to another. From the viewer perspective they are the camera. The aim was for them to feel the weight of resposiblitity when playing with power dynamics and intimacy within sex. We intended for it to be eery and leave no conclusion but also intriguing like a story thats only just beginning.

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