Joshua Bassett – Anyone Else


Joshua Bassett is one of those musicians who you just know is going to be on every teenage girls wall across the globe, you just have to listen to his debut single Common Sense, a sweet yet calming single that is hard not to smile at the more you listen. His intimate feel good sound is so simple yet so undeniably sweet that you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who can do this style as well as he does.

Today he’s unveiled his sophomore single Anyone Else and, as expected, it’s another track that’s gonna have his fanbase swooning over him. The personal nature of his music makes you feel like you’re getting a living room concert by Bassett himself, a skill that’s admirable in itself. What makes Bassett stand out though is his storytelling, he writes about love with nuance as he tells the sweeter side of relationships as opposed to the majority which are about heartbreak and, honestly, you feel like you’re there watching this love bloom in front of your eyes. The only way is up for this young artist.

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