beabadoobee – Care


Dirty Hit has been producing some of my favourite artists over the past few years but one that’s made an instant connection to me with her 90’s grunge pop infused sound that I cannot get enough of is beabadoobee. Her Space Cadet EP still remains one of my all time favourite projects of the last decade with every track being a sonic experience that I keep finding myself going back to. So today I am incredibly happy with her announcing that she’ll be releasing her debut album, Faking it Flowers, will be released later this year as well as her dropping the new coming of age anthem Care.

This song has end-of-a-’90s movie vibes, like you’re driving down a highway,” She begins to explain. “It is pretty much me being angry at society, or people around me who I just don’t think know me and don’t care. I don’t want you to feel fucking sorry for me. I just want you to understand what I’ve been through. I never expected to be making the first video from my album during a pandemic! I was so lucky to be locked down with the bedroom guys, it feels like it turned out as one of the most personal, real videos I’ve made. I’m so excited to share it!

This track is one of those that belongs in an indie art house coming of age movie directed by Greta Gerwig, it’s just filled to the brim with this adolescent spirit as well as her dynamic lyrical prowess that continues to impress us with every piece she releases. Everything about this track is just sublime in my eyes and beabadoobee is a real talent, she never fails to impress me and I cannot wait to hear this sensational album that she is going to deliver. Dive into her entire discography, you won’t be disappointed.

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