When people talk about the future of pop music a lot of names get thrown into the mix about what’s going to be the next big stylistic genre and honestly it’s artists like MADANII and LLUCID who get me excited for where the future of modern pop music is going. They create pop music but add their own experimental twist into the equation and when they collaborate it’s just a match made in heaven, as they’ve already shown in their previous releases and their latest number Dominvs.

Futuristic synths lead the production that takes you on an mysterious dark journey as the crystal clear vocals of MADANII pierce through the emotional ferocity of the production and the electronically filtered vocals of LLUCID melt into the production as the lovelorn lyrics are beautifully delivered. The sound just provokes a reaction, it’s expressive and carries a certain weight to it that most artists would avoid but they take it on in their stride, never faltering and making the whole piece seem effortlessly. Safe to say this is the future of pop music.

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