Josie Proto – Wales


There’s something so candid and inviting about Josie Proto’s sound, you listen to her music and you know every lyric is coming straight from her, it hasn’t be written by someone else or is her trying to appeal to modern trends, it is just her through and through. She recently blew up thanks to her track BTEC Lily Allen, her own middle finger to the people who insulted her music, and her follow up Sliced Bread only showcased her lyrical wittiness further. She’s like a modern day Madness is all the good ways.

Whilst her previous tracks have all been high energy and quite uplifting her latest single is a more pensive emotive number that demonstrates the beauty of her storytelling. Wales is an intimate number that is reminiscent of classic brit pop combined with the more folk driven sound of Passenger that makes the poignantly poetic lyrics come to life before your very eyes in a way that is spellbinding to say the least. Her debut EP is dropping tomorrow and we highly recommend you give it a listen as it’s going to be quintessential brit pop at its finest.

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