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Luna Shadows shatters expectations with a sonic soundscape in “lowercase” unlike any other


I can still remember the day Luna Shadows released her debut single Cry Wolf. It’s one of those debuts that no matter where you go or how many years go by it stays with you, that’s how you know your music has made a serious impact. Since then I’ve religiously followed her music and her latest single is on a completely shattered the glass ceiling I thought was around her music.

Lowercase focuses on the digital age of communication, which seen within the artwork for the track, with the lyrical hook, “You break me down to lowercase / The capitals you take for only you,” being the perfect way to represent this. As always Shadows’ celestial vocal is as strikingly beautiful as ever with it soaring over the glitchy synths of the sonic soundscape with her voice occasionally becoming warped, representing the meaning of the track further, whilst also maintaining high levels of emotional vulnerability throughout.

Speaking about the meaning of the track Luna Shadows had this to say, “Everyone has a person in their life that has the ability to devastate, quickly and effortlessly. ‘lowercase’ is a song about recognising your power through awareness in a situation where you have been made to feel incredibly small by another.”

Luna Shadows is a one in a million artist who manages to shatter expectations of her music every time she releases something and lowercase proves this. With future releases looking likely, we know we’re excited to see what this year has to offer from this spellbinding songstress.


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