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With every single release MXMS manage to get better and better, they’ve never failed to release a track that manages to be both thought provoking, emotionally enthralling and magnetising to hear. Now they’ve released a new single titled Salvation Hurts that I see as their best track to date and perfectly encapsulates their funeral pop brand.

Whilst previously the duo’s production has been more understated in this single they a cacophony of ominous synths with a slight 80’s tinge to them mixed with underlying pulsating beats that create this haunting yet euphoric atmosphere to the melancholy nature of the track. Lyrically the track is very poignant with them diving into how the offering of salvation can often come at a high price and the vocals deliver this message effortlessly with Ariel Levitan’s voice hitting multiple emotional climaxes throughout the track with the production of Jeremy Dawson helping enhance this feeling.

Funeral pop is a genre MXMS has coined that perfectly emulates their sound with Salvation Hurts being further proof of this. They push the genre further than ever before with this track and never lose the essence of who they are. Beautifully dark.


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