REAL TALK cover copy.png

Relationships, sometimes they’re good, sometimes they’re bad and something they never should’ve happened in the first place and that’s exactly what Emily Chambers believes in her latest single Real Talk. Here she sings about an old relationship which she describes as, “one of those situations where you’re just having fun with someone on the weekends and all of a sudden they have a key to your apartment and 7 months later you’re like ‘what just happened?’ Coincidentally he always wanted me to write a song about him…”

I don’t think the ex expected Chambers to come out with a soulful track filled with high levels of sass about how she should’ve never done it with him in the first place. I love that and I love the track. Her usually smooth vocals now have a slight growl to them that works perfectly with the whole reasoning behind the track and then you’ve got the production that has this fantastic retro groove behind it that has my foot tapping and body swaying with ease along with these synth flourishes in the chorus that bring the track to life. Add some honest and relatable lyrics to the mix and you’ve got a bold and in your face track about confronting the uncomfortable.


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