There’s a special aura that surrounds Winnie Raeder in her debut single. She’s got this magnetising quality to her music that makes you block out the world around you and become fully absorbed into the music this artist has created. It’s something special that rarely comes around but when it does it feels as if you’re walking on air.

Don’t You Dare is an emotionally captivating masterpiece with beautifully poignant lyrics that are reminiscent of the poetic quality Bob Dylan had with his lyrics and a spellbinding celestial vocal that makes every word feel like a piercing blow. The production is stripped back to it’s bare minimum with only a solemn piano and occasional hum from a chorus being present throughout the track creating this desolate feeling where all you can hear is the echo of her voice.

Speaking about the meaning behind the track Raeder had this to say, “It’s about someone leaving you and the denial you feel when it happens – the utter desperation you feel at not wanting to accept that person is leaving or has gone forever. For the production it was a very conscious choice to make it as simple as possible. Thinking of the story and what’s being said, the overall sense is one of numbing. When you feel numbed, it feels like everything stops. Silence. Space. I wanted to create that feeling sonically”.

Everything about this Don’t You Dare just cuts through you, it’s an emotionally captivating piece of music that introduces Winnie Raeder perfectly. It just creates this euphony feeling that makes every note feel like a special moment.


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