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A small guilty pleasure of mine is that I love it when artists give their songs titles that are insanely long but, at the same time, perfectly represent what the song is about. Well Stockholm based artist Miynt has done that with her latest single Vacation with Bond in South of France, Pt. 2 and from the first few symbol clashes and a smokey atmosphere that feels like it actually belong in one of the early James Bond films, you know you’re in for something special.

The track was actually inspired by her love of Bond films which made her write this song as she explains, “I wrote a synopsis for a Bond movie that never existed. The movie begins at a space station in the late ’60s where people (the bad guys) are doing experiments on space monkeys and then a lot of action plays out that I can’t reveal, though one thing I can say is that Bond goes on vacation to France two times in the film. I wrote all the music for this fake Bond movie but this is the only track that made it on this EP, which is about Bond’s second trip to south of France.”

There is a certain level of class and luxury that comes from the alluring vocals of Miynt that have this sultry whisper to them that has you picturing the story in your head with the warm sand in-between your toes, the Martini in your hand and the grandeur that you’ve come to expect from the films. The little nuances with the production add an extra level of intrigue with this hypnotising guitar melody and these little whooshes almost sounding like bullets going by, along with lyrics that continue magnificently representing the Bond universe in all it’s glory.

If you’re fan of the Bond films then Miynt’s latest single Vacation with Bond in South of France, Pt. 2 is the perfect track for you. We know this is the only track from her bond film concept that made it to the final cut but I desperately want that mixtape of all of the songs from it.


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