Being based in London is truly a blessing for any person who is passionate about music because you get to see artists like Petrie emerge and create music that is a joy to behold. The duo have been producing a plethora of alternative pop anthems over the years that have dealt with a wide variety of issues and their latest track is no different.

With an array of shimmering synths, sugary sweet vocals and an intoxicating melody Too Damn Busy focuses in on something we all do on a regular basis, procrastinate. On top of that you’ve got a music video that goes back to the days of tele-text with the lyrics on screen with tow videos capturing the hours of procrastination and distractions we all seeks when pining after love we know we’ll never have.

With this track you get the best of both worlds with an aesthetically gorgeous video to go along with a glowingly addictive track. I highly recommend catching this duo live at The Moth Club in London on February 19th 2019 if you get the chance.

“After weeks of crying to Chet Baker’s recording of “I Get Along Without You Very Well”, we felt it was only appropriate to update the gentle ballad of white lies and reimagine it as a chaotic and delusional torch song for two thousand and nineteen. We took our barely-bottled emotions, plus a few rock ‘n’ roll cries for help, and painted them with neurotic synth chords and sobbing guitar solos. We hoped that – when twinned with our heart-wrenching lyricism – we might evoke the spinning lights of the city, endless/sad/soft new faces, and the glitz ‘n’ glamour of pretending you’re okay.” – Petrie

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